We can help you regain control of your finances
so you can regain control of your life.

When debt spirals out of control, the effects can be devastating. The stress caused by financial problems frequently leads to marital strife, problems at work, even suicide.

Paying only the minimum amount on your accounts simply prolongs the problem. Often, only half of your payment goes toward reducing the balance owed for purchases, and the rest is gobbled up by interest that continues to build up your balance.

Consumer Credit Management Services, Inc. (CCMS) can help. Founded in 1991, CCMS is a non-profit organization that helps many people out of debt each year, saving them hundreds to thousands of dollars in interest and finance charges.

Because CCMS is a non-profit agency, our only goal is to help people regain control of their financial situations. And because we understand all the alternatives for reducing personal debt and improving credit, CCMS offers personal service that is custom-tailored to each client, from simple budget planing to debt restructuring.

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